Alix’s journey with May Twenty began in 2014 when she set out on a simple mission to replace her worn-out watch strap.

Unfortunately, her search left her disappointed, as local options failed to meet her standards of quality and style.

This experience sparked an entrepreneurial flame within her, and Alix envisioned a brand that would transform the watch strap experience, offering an unrivaled combination of choice, adaptability, and affordability.

And so, with a heart full of passion and a vision for excellence, May Twenty was born.



We have carefully looked for the right skills and teamed-up with one of the leaders, operating for more than 75 years. Not only do they work to perfection but they have developed a creative mind that is very much aligned with ours.
At May Twenty, nothing gets delivered without a strict Swiss Quality Control being applied. All our products are submitted to a battery of physical and chemical quality controls.


Infinity of Colours

400 references and still growing. Not only does May Twenty specialise in leather but our fabric selection is also second to none. We have 41 blue leather bracelets, 15 black and 20 pink to choose from. To mention but a few: Love Gold, Golf Green, Ocean Blue, Vivid Black, Eton Grey, Ivy Blue, Rainbow Orange and the list goes on and on and on…
At regular intervals, we issue capsule collections.



Thanks to the interchangeable system, you will have to possibility to change your bracelet as often as you wish. It is easy to operate. Watches are an important piece of your personality, you dress differently in your business and leisure lives now your cherished watch will be adapted to both. Apple Watch straps can also be changed easily.



Have a watch strap that coincides with how you feel. Because we offer an incredible range of interchangeable watch straps clients have challenged us to match a specific color of shoes, the color of a belt, a handbag or even a car.
We enjoy these requests, they make our work always more satisfying. 
Don’t hesitate to test us.



For our alligator armbands, we strictly follow the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) guidelines. Therefore, we are sure they come from reputable farms where animals are treated with respect. This guarantees the wildlife is preserved while the finished product is of better quality



Highlighting May Twenty’s commitment to eco-responsibility, the vegan collection combines tradition and modernity, through a variety of technical innovations including the reuse of food industry waste, like apple and grapes requiring less synthetic material than conventional vegan leather. The strap is 100% vegan, including the inside-part.




Her dream is to empower customers by offering them a customizable product that is a true reflection of their individuality. Because she thoroughly appreciates the “Swiss way of life”, she is glad to contribute, in her modest way, to a pillar of Swiss culture.

Alix is French, has a master degree in Law (was a legal practitioner at the Paris bar). As a lawyer, she specialized in Intellectual Property and Trademarks. Furthermore, she studied modern and contemporary art and has a license in Art History

After marrying an Anglo-Swiss, she moved to Switzerland in the region of Zürich. With her husband, they have 3 children.