Article n°1 – Scope of Application

These standard terms of sale apply to the contract entered into between May Twenty, a public limited liability company [GmbH], registered at the Company Register of Canton Zug (Switzerland), under No. CH 170 4 013 173 5, whose registered office resides at Freudenberg, CH- 6343 Rotkreuz (hereinafter referred to as “May Twenty”) and the consumer, the client of the online boutique (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”). For these purposes, “consumer” shall imply any natural person acting for the satisfaction of her/his personal needs, to the exclusion of any professional needs.

Article n°2 – Purpose

The purpose of these standard terms is to define the contractual conditions applicable to the sale of the May Twenty leather products and watch straps from the online boutique accessible at

These standard terms are supplemented by the order form, completed online by the Client, all of which together form the sales contract entered into between the parties.

 Article n°3 – Territorial Scope

May Twenty watch straps can be ordered for delivery to all countries, provided that:

  • The Client’s address is served by May Twenty’s express carrier
  • The material of the product in question is not in conflict with the CITES regulations – for more detailed information, please refer to

Article n° 4 – Characteristic of the Products Offered

The products offered (hereinafter the “Product(s)”) are those appearing in the catalogue published on the pages of the online boutique

Each Product is accompanied by a detailed description prepared by May Twenty. Although the catalogue’s photographs are as accurate as possible, May Twenty cannot guarantee the accuracy and precision of the material presented.

Consequently, the color of the requested watch strap may marginally vary. Some systems for attaching watch straps to the watch case involve inserts (metal or plastic components incorporated into the strap). These are not available from our online boutique.

Any clarifications can be requested in writing by mail or email from the Customer Service department, the contact information of which is indicated in the “Customer Service” article below.

In order to preserve their quality and appearance, May Twenty watch straps must never be immersed in water and, more generally, must not be exposed to any liquid other than the maintenance products recommended by May Twenty.

May Twenty watch straps are not intended to be worn while engaging in manual or sports activities.

The Client is informed that leather can potentially cause allergic skin reactions for certain individuals. Therefore, the Client should ensure that s(he) does not exhibit this form of allergic reaction to leather prior to wearing a May Twenty watch strap.

Article n°5 – Order

A Buyer wishing to place an order for a Product must:

  • Complete the online order form, selecting each of the references detailing the Products chosen, in accordance with the process indicated. The Client is entitled to change her/his mind at any time in order to modify her/his selection;
  • Provide her/his client number, or complete the identification information and the desired delivery address;
  • Confirm her/his order, upon having reviewed it;
  • Provide payment in the conditions stipulated in the “Payment” article below.

Confirmation of the order expresses the Client’s acceptance of the May Twenty’s offer appearing on the order form, as well as the Client’s acceptance of these general terms of sale.

May Twenty will acknowledge receipt of the order by sending an e-mail to the Client’s address.

May Twenty reserves the right not to accept an order if it believes that the Client is not acting as a consumer or may be insolvent, or if May Twenty suspects fraud.

Article n°6 – Pricing Policy

The prices appearing in the online catalogue are expressed in Swiss francs. Vat (8%) is included.

If the delivery address lies outside Switzerland, the end customer agrees to take on all import duties and good taxes incurred by international deliveries.

Article n°7 – Payment

Products are required to be paid in full at the time of the order.

Payments must be made by credit card; payments will be made using the online payment platform of May Twenty’s bank, to which the client will be automatically directed.

The Client is informed that May Twenty requires the use of the 3D Secure or Verified by Visa security mechanisms, depending on the Client’s card. The Client must ask her/his bank for access to these services.

The buyer’s account will be debited on the date of the order.

A hardcopy invoice, indicating the invoice’s payment, will be sent to the Client with the package containing the Product.

Article n°8 – Reservation of Title

The Products shall remain property of May Twenty, until they have been paid in full.

Article n°9 – Shipping and Delivery

The Products are delivered by an express delivery carrier, to the address indicated on the order form. The Client may request that the Product be delivered to a third party, to the latter’s address. May Twenty does not accept orders having as a delivery address a post office box.

May Twenty will inform the Client once the Product has been dispatched, and will indicate if a package tracking mechanism is provided on the carrier’s website.
May Twenty shall immediately inform the Client if it is aware that it is possible that the Products will not be delivered by the announced delivery date.

If the indicated delivery deadline is surpassed by more than ten days, the Client shall be entitled to ask May Twenty to cancel the sale. This request must be made by registered mail with return receipt. The Client shall be reimbursed in the same conditions as those stated in the cancellation stipulated in the article below.

The cancellation stipulated in this article is only applicable to Clients whose primary residence is in Switzerland and in the European Union.

In the event of damages during transport, a reasoned complaint must be made to the carrier within three days of the delivery.

If the Product ordered is unavailable, May Twenty shall inform the Client by e-mail. The Client will then be reimbursed without delay and, at the latest, within thirty days from the payment of the amounts that s(he) has paid. Thereafter, these amounts shall accrue interest at the official rate.

Shipping costs applied to products purchased on the May Twenty website:



3-4 Weeks
Shipping fees included
4 Weeks
CHF 15.-
All other destinations
4-5 Weeks
CHF 20.-
Delivery unavailable
Please refer to the website :

In order to vigorously adhere to the CITES regulations, the house of May Twenty will not sell products in exotic materials such as Alligator, Lizard, or Python outside of Switzerland or the European Union. Consequently, all orders for exotic materials to be shipped outside of Switzerland or the European Union cannot be completed.

Article n°10 – Withdrawal period and returns

Because of the “made-to-measures” expectations in the orders made on the web site, there is no withdrawal period. Therefore, the customer will make sure that the order is made with no mistakes.

May Twenty is taking the greatest care in the manufacturing of its products and will reimburse, or exchange, any defective products the customer may have received, provided it is duly informed by the customer ( and defective product has been received by May Twenty) within fourteen ( 14 ) days of receipt by the customer. The client must notify May Twenty by email at May Twenty reserves the right to ask for photographs of the product with material defect and to ask for a return of the product at the following address: May Twenty GmbH, Freudenberg, 6343 Rotkreuz, Switzerland. The procedure will be communicated to the client by email in case-by-case basis depending on the defect described.

The client will return the product only if clearly requested by May Twenty. If the product returned is recognised default or defective, May Twenty will replace the product or refund the price paid. In case reimbursement is asked, the client will be only credited to the account used originally to purchase the items, less any taxes, import duties or original shipping charges incurred and will be refunded in the currency in which he paid, at the price he paid, at the exchange rate prevailing on the day when he bought the item.

Not included under this warranty are May Twenty products which are defective because of abnormal use or ill treatment by the customer.

Article n°11 – Warranties

Any watch strap delivered, the size of which varies by more than two-tenths of a millimeter in terms of the width of the box and by more than two millimeters with regards to the length of the box, compared to the dimensions of the Client’s order, shall be deemed to conform to said order.

May Twenty shall not be responsible for the deterioration of a Product that has been used by the Client in a manner inconsistent with its intended use, or in a manner inconsistent with May Twenty’s recommendations.

Article n°12 – Liability

May Twenty is bound by a best efforts obligation with respect to the online selling process; it cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the Internet network, such as lost data, intrusion, the action of viruses, or a service interruption.

May Twenty shall not be responsible for the non-performance or improper performance of this online sales contract if this non-performance or improper performance is attributable either to the consumer, or to the unforeseeable, unstoppable act or fault of a third-party, or to a force majeure situation.

Article n°13 – Intellectual Property

All of the components of the May Twenty online boutique are and shall remain the exclusive property of May Twenty.

It is expressly prohibited to represent, reproduce or reuse, in any form whatsoever, including partially, components of the site, including, but not limited to, software programs, visuals or sound elements.

Article n°14 – Personal Data

May Twenty collects and processes the personal information provided by the Client, solely for the purposes of completing the Client’s order. May Twenty shall be entitled to send the Client e-mails, in order to inform the Client of changes to its catalogue. The Client shall be entitled to request to no longer receive these solicitations, by clicking on the link provided for this purpose.

The Client has the right to access and rectify the information processed by May Twenty concerning her/him. The request must be made following the communications methods stated, and to the address mentioned, in the “Customer Service” article below.

Article n°15 – Agreement of Proof

These standard terms, the order form confirmed by the Client, the invoice, and the information recorded at the time of the Client’s placement of the order, shall be kept by May Twenty on an electronic medium containing a mechanism ensuring the integrity of said information.

The aforementioned electronic recordings shall be deemed by the parties as proof of the communications, order and online selling contract entered into between the two parties.

The Client agrees to receive the various communications referred to in these standard terms, in particular, concerning the delivery and return of the Products, by e-mail, to her/his address declared at the time of the order.

If the Client chooses to contact May Twenty by e-mail, s(he) agrees that the latter will use e-mail to reply to her/his email communication.

Article n°16 – Customer Service

Any request for cancellation, rescission, exchange or warranties of the Products, as well as any complaint, must be submitted either by postal mail, to the postal address: MayTwenty, Freudenberg, CH- 6343 Rotkreuz by e-mail, to the address

Article n°17 – Governing Law and Assignment of Jurisdiction

The laws of Switzerland govern this section. Therefore, using the site, the Client agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the canton Zug in Switzerland.

Only Swiss law is applicable, also when orders are placed and delivered abroad.

Article n°18 – Privacy and cooky policy

We will treat all your personal details as confidential and we will only disclose this information in the circumstances set out below. We will keep it on a secure server and we will comply with Switzerland data protection legislation in relation to the use of your personal data. when you register on this website, or make a purchase we will ask you to input and will collect personal details from you such as your name, e-mail address, billing address, telephone number.

We may also collect, and our third party providers may collect, information about where you are on the internet, your browser type, the country and telephone area code where your computer is located, the pages of our website that were viewed during your visit, any advertisements you may have clicked on, and any search terms that you entered on our website.

We confirm that any personal details which you provide to us (or which are available on public registers) and any user information, from which we can identify you, is held in accordance with the registration we have with the information commissioner’s office.

We use your information only for the following purposes:

  1. maintaining your registration
  2. for statistical purposes to improve this website and its services to you
  3. to serve website content to you
  4. to administer this website
  5. to notify you of products or special offers that may be of interest to you
  6. to send you information by post or email.

You can contact us at any time in writing or by email at and on 30 days’ notice at your request we shall stop marketing to you. We will not release your personal details to any company outside of the company.

If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving promotional emails or direct mail from, please send an email to inserting ‘unsubscribe’ as the subject. Please ensure that you also include the email address that you wish to be unsubscribed (if it is not the email address that you send the email from), your full name and your full postal address.

Pointspay FAQ

What is Pointspay?

It is a loyalty payment method used for accomplishing your online purchases using your loyalty points.

How do I make payment using Pointspay?

Once you have added the product to cart, select Pointspay at checkout. You will be redirected to the Pointspay payment page to pay for your purchase. Select your loyalty program, login and make the payment.

Can I pay using a combination of points and cash?

Yes, Pointspay allows you to pay using points only or a combination of points and cash. In some cases you can pay by only cash too.

How many points are required for my purchase?

The number of points required for your purchase depends on the value of your shopping cart and the chosen loyalty program. The amount will be displayed once you’ve logged in to Pointspay using your loyalty program or Pointspay account.

What should I do if I’m not being redirected back to the online shop even though I have completed the payment successfully?

We kindly request you to contact us with the order details using the form available here.

What should I do if the order is not successful on the online shop even though I have completed the payment successfully?

Since the payment was successful, we kindly request you to contact the respective online shop to confirm the order. However, if the order cannot be confirmed anymore, we kindly request you to contact us with the order details using the form available here.

How can I refund my order?

As is usually the case with online shopping, returns and refunds should be co-ordinated with the online shop where the purchase was made. Refunds need to be authorized by the respective online shop and will be processed by Pointspay. Payment made using a payment card would be refunded to the same card; and likewise, payment made using loyalty points would be refunded to the same loyalty account. Payments made in cash will not be refunded as loyalty points or vice versa. Please note that, subject to the refund policies of the online shop, any applicable service fees may be applied for refunds. This is at the discretion of the respective online shop and is not determined by Pointspay.